Through out the Bible many passages speak of the creation and God as Creator. We can learn a lot about God from how the Scriptures talk about Him in relationship to nature. The Creation Speaks digs into passages that focus on the natural world, such as Psalm 104, where we discover some of the marvelous attributes of our God.0310-smk-03-04

Most Christian believers know what Genesis says about God’s creation, but what about beyond Genesis? Does the Bible say anything about creation after Genesis? If so, do Christians know where and what in context nature is discussed.

Through out the Scripture hundreds of verses and passages reference creation. These passages not only tell us about how God created and cares for nature, but they also reveal what creation tell us about God. Scripture uses nature to point out such things as the greatness, power, majesty and wisdom of God.

The Creation Speaks ministry takes a deep look at many of these verses and complete passages.

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