Sunsets over a mountain valley in Glacier National Park for our creation speaks to the heart photo         The most common way nature speaks to someone is to their heart. In an incomplete way the outdoors meets what our hearts long for; a place called Eden. We were original created to live in the Garden of Eden and we long to go back. As CS Lewis explains “The beauty that so captures our hearts and is so fleeting draw us towards an eternal reality.” And Christian apologist Alister McCrath writes “The beauty of the night sky or a glorious sunset are important pointers to the origins and the ultimate fulfillment of our hearts deepest desires.”

Nature calls us to Eden and we crave its beauty despite its perils and unpleasantries. We find peace there because nature reaches into the deepest memories of our souls. The draw of the outdoors is so strong we attempt fill our nature void by bringing nature to our homes. Through our gardens, our bird feeders, the trees we plant and even our pets we domesticate nature so we can keep it near to us. Part of the reason we desire relationships with animals as pets is because God created us to have companionship with them in the Garden of Eden.

Man on rock with fall red colored rhododendron plantsThe Creation Speaks shows us how to practically experience God through nature. It reveals how to get the most of our times in nature. Some achieve this on a weeklong trip. Others will accomplish this by capturing nature’s beauty on a canvas or with a camera. Still others will embrace nature by just sipping coffee on their beck deck in the cool of the morning. It is there they ponder the simple wonders they see before them and God speaks to their heart.

The natural world calls to a person’s heart. In The Creation Speaks we learn how to listen better. The creation calls our hearts to worship. Nature reaching in and calling to our heart is the predominant aspect of The Creation Speaks message.

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