800px-darwin-chartFrom high-school textbooks to the evening news the theory of evolution dominates the cultural mind set. It is fed to us as fact. But is it really? What does the creation tell us? Does it take us down a path towards evolution or does it lead us to a creator, a designer?

As someone who enjoys the outdoors and wildlife This topic of evolution has fascinated Pat since his days in junior and senior high school. He has explored the topic in depth from both secular sources and Christian sources. In The Creation Speak seminars we discover how the creation does cry out and point to a creator.

The Creations Speaks to the mind presentation examines the evidence in diverse forms of life from whales to butterflies. When we take a look at butterflies we’ll see how they reveal the impossibility of evolution while giving us a window into the gospel.

You can find a talk on this topic on The Creations Speaks Topics page.