Mission photo of a path way through forest in Jay Cooke State Park Minnesota The Mission of The Creation Speaks

Creation displays The Lord’s infinite glory, power, wisdom, greatness and so much more. When we look at nature we need to celebrate God as Creator. It is our mission to get people to experience God in the outdoors

In times past people lived closer to nature and believers readily saw God’s hand in it. Theologians such as Jonathan Edwards, John Calvin, John Wesley and Martin Luther commented about experiencing God’s hand in creation.

The mission of this ministry is to encourage Christian believers to get outside and experience God in His creation. When we see God’s hand in creation with our own eyes it makes the greatness of God and the attributes of God much more personable.

Many people who do not follow Christ find something spiritual and transcendent in nature. They enjoy so much of the outdoors and find peace while they connect with nature. The purpose of this ministry is to reach out and discuss how it’s not just the mountain, the forest and the lake we desire, but it’s the Maker of the mountain, the forest and the lake that we desire. These thing of nature and so much more about it call to us because they reveal to us something about their Creator.

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