A fall aspen grove alone the Mills Lake Trail in Rocky Mountain National ParkThe Creation Speaks explores what the natural world declares to our heart, soul and mind about God. It examines, when we spend time outside, spend time in nature, study it, enjoy it, and think about God in it, we can grow in our knowledge and worship of Him. Professional nature photographer Pasquale “Pat” Mingarelli would welcome the opportunity to share this inspirational and very biblical message with your church or ministry group.

As a long-time Christian and professional nature photographer, Pat approaches creation as an artist and outdoor enthusiast. His creation ministry looks at how nature connects with our intellect, but even more so, how it touches our soul on a theological level and our hearts on a personal level through its majesty, mystery and beauty.

portrait of Christian nature photographer Pasquale "Pat' MingarelliPat uses Keynote Software in his Creation Speaks presentations to combine scripture, nature and the art of photography to discover what creation tells us about God. He uses both stunning landscape photography and majestic wildlife photography in his presentations. Those in attendance will be encouraged from a message of God’s word and from His Creation.

            Pat and The Creation Speaks are available for a variety of church and Christian ministry events including men’s groups, church services, student groups and other groups, conferences, retreats, camps, Sunday school and special events. For more information call 402.709.9344 or use the contact form below.